Silicone Products

We offer a full range of medical grade silicone products based on our patented silicone technology.

Annually, hundreds of millions of people in the world develop a scar. Up to 70% of the scars resulting from trauma or surgery and up to 90% of scars resulting from a burn become hypertrophic. Up to 16% of all scars in people with dark skin become a keloid. Hypertrophic scars and keloids can be itchy, painful, raised, and aesthetically displeasing.

Silicone scar therapy is universally considered as the Gold Standard in scar management. It is the preferred therapy for both the prevention and treatment of abnormal (hypertrophic and keloid) scars.

Silicone sheets and silicone gels are:
• Easy to use
• Non-invasive
• Evidence-based
• Safe and effective

Silicone production

Silicone sheets

Various choices
Silicone sheets are available in many different qualities, thicknesses, colors, shapes and dimensions; from disposable to durable, adhesive to non-adhesive and with or without UV protection.

All silicone sheets are classified as Medical Device Class 1 (MDD – MDR) and the effectiveness has been scientifically proven.


Silicone gels

With or without sun protection factor and vitamin E
Silicone gels are available in different qualities, volumes, with or without sun protection factor and with or without vitamin E.

All silicone gels are classified as Medical Device Class 1 (MDD – MDR) and the effectiveness has been scientifically proven.


Silicone linings

Pressure clothing
Non-adhesive silicone linings for pressure clothing and silicone on rolls are also part of our portfolio.